Since 2013, Data Talent Australia has exclusively recruited in the Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Data Science candidate markets. We are strategically involved in the changing data landscape in these sectors and have worked with a range of Innovative Organisations including New Start-Ups, Growing Tech Companies, Strategic Consulting Companies, Fintechs, Digitial & Ad Agencies, Healthcare & Medical Sectors and plenty more...

So we have decided to add a little disruption & more value to the data-driven recruitment market, i.e. Recruitment Fees & Services

Doing the numbers: The average recruitment fee in the technology market place is around 10% to 15% of a salary package, so if you need the services of a recruitment company, let's say to recruit a Data Scientist on a $130K Package, then you will pay between $13,000 and $19,500 to the recruiter. Data Talent Australia has decided that this needs to change, so we are now offering a fixed recruitment fee of $3950 per placement up to a salary of $150K package. In simple terms, your company will save up to $18,550 per placement. This could go towards the candidate's salary or invest in the business tools they require. Maybe to contribute towards further financial investment into your people's professional career development. Your choice...

We believe along with the fixed price we will also offer our Client's a more detailed and comprehensive recruitment solution than our competitors...

Our Disruptive Recruitment Fees...


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Data Science

Analytics & Insights


per candidate placement

Types of position currently working on...

Data  Scientist

Machine Learning Engineers

Analytics Consultant

Digital Insight Analyst 

Marketing Data Analyst

Product & Software



per candidate placement

Types of position currently working on...

ML AI Software Engineer

Data Analytics Developer

Product Owner

Full Stack Data Engineer

UX / UI Designer / Developer

 Data & Cloud



per candidate placement

Types of position currently working on...

Data Engineers

DevOps Engineers

Cloud Engineer

DevOps Architect

Systems Engineer

Some examples of current recruitment cost and the savings you can expect...

Savings made on recruiting a Data Engineer with a salary of $150,000 paying a 15% recruitment fee  @$22,500 


Savings made on recruiting a Data Scientist with a salary of $140,000 paying a recruitment fee of 12% @$16,800


Savings made on recruiting a Marketing Digital Analyst with a salary of $120,000 paying a recruitment fee of 10% @$12,000


Savings made on recruiting a Data Analytics & Insights team or Data Engineering / Product Development team of three or more


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So take your first step in recruiting the best data talent in the Australian market today…
We look forward in assisting you recruit great people -the team at Data Talent…thanks