A little Q&A around our new Data Talent Pipeline platform...

  • Why did we build the Data Talent Pipeline platform?

    We felt that the recruitment agency processes needed a more innovative approach. So instead of the hiring manager or talent acquisition person engaging with a recruitment agency, who would then place a job ad on Seek and Linkedin along with contacting their network, then start to short-list, we decided to flip the recruitment process. Why not put the short-list together first?
  • How do you know which candidates to place on the platform?

    With over seven years’ experience recruiting in the data space — specifically data engineering and data science — we have gained a deep understanding of the talent and skills required. Now, as we all know, data skill sets are an ever-changing landscape, we commit to having regular conversations with hiring managers, talent acquisition managers and most importantly, candidates. Also, we take time out to research the constantly evolving data skills, business tools, techniques and processes.
  • How do you qualify the candidates?

    All the candidate’s career experience and current key skills have been pre-qualified. We arrange an interview to understand further their technical skills along with communication and business engagement attributes. Finally, all candidates will then take a customised online data test to qualify their technical and problem-solving skills level. Once the candidates are live on the platform we would check in with them weekly to discuss any updates.
  • What happens after I send you my short-list request?

    We reach out to your chosen candidates and offer them an overview of your organisation and position details. When the candidate confirms their interest, we will commence organising interviews and then continue our engagement through to the end of the recruitment process.
  • Whats makes the Data Talent Pipeline different from using a recruitment agency.

    With the platform, you get to instantly view candidates, who have been pre-qualified by our talent managers. You simply get to view the short first, you don’t have to wait for your recruitment agency to go searching for candidates.
Please get in touch if you would like to get some further information around our new Data Talent Pipeline platform. Or let us know if you are looking for great Data Engineers or Data Scientists to join your team.
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