Our understanding of the Data-Driven Candidate Market.

Since 2013, Data Talent has been intrinsically associated with the data landscape; working on key recruitment assignments across Data Science, Analytics & Data Engineering, Digital & IoT. The founder of Data Talent, Gino Lancaster, has been involved in the recruitment industry for the past 25 years and has extensive experience in recruiting strategic people from across the globe, including Australia, Europe, United States and Singapore.

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    When we engage with a Client, we go further than taking down a job description, instead we consult and add value to the process. For example, as Data Talent has had multiple years of experience in recruiting Data Scientists, we have seen how the value of what a Data Scientist can deliver for the business has very much broadened. A Data Scientist was previously recruited for their understanding of mathematics and statistics and data analysis delivery. What we now see is that a Data Scientist/Engineer needs a broad range of skills, not only deep data analysis understanding, but to review and understand product development and software engineering concepts along with engagement and detailed communication in regards to the business problems and how to deliver not just analysis but solutions.
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    We work closely with Hiring Managers along with the People & Culture Acquisition team to understand their requirements. The technical and functional skills will always be critically important in any hiring decision, as well as candidate motivation and interest in joining an Organisation. We all understand that the technology candidate market place is very competitive, so we must ensure the candidate is truly committed and excited about the opportunity. This jobs needs to align with their career and professional development goals over the coming years and NOT just until the next role comes around?
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    One of our key focuses in recruitment over the last 18 months was working with Technology Product Companies. This means recruiting a mix of software engineering skills along with advanced data science & analytics understanding. Also when you throw machine learning, artificial intelligence and working in a cloud environment into the mix, these skills can be a challenge to find in one candidate! So, we have specifically built up a data talent pipeline of these skills. We can then offer significant insight to our clients around availability and timeline of hiring.
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    When we summerise our offering of recruitment services and our knowledge of the candidate landscape, this is in part due to our historic connection to the Data-Driven Technology community. Over the last six years, we have experienced a truly amazing emergence of new technologies and their expanding relevance to today’s business and consumer needs. We have engaged with companies who have tentatively recruited their first Data Scientist, Data Engineer or ML Engineer and have sometimes struggled with the concepts of their value to the business, however, in collaborating with our clients, we have successfully achieved the goal of recruiting the required talent.

So we have some great insights and knowledge to offer, not only to our existing clients who we have partned with for a number of years, but also to emerging companies who we can guide through and assist in recruiting talent that will be able to contribute immense value to their new journey.

So let’s start the conversation… we would be keen to discuss further examples of how we engage with our clients to produce successful outcomes. It would be great to catch up to discuss our recruitment services or any other questions you may have around the industry and the candidate landscape.
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